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Unitiol 5% ampoules 5ml №10

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Dosage form

Solution for intramuscular and subcutaneous administration


1 ml of 5% solution for intramuscular and subcutaneous administration contains: unithiol 0.05 g.

Excipients: ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt (Trilon B), 0.1 M sulfuric acid and water for injection.

Pharmacological action

Unithiol - complexing agent, has a detoxification effect. The active sulfhydryl groups of the unithiol, interacting with thiol poisons (arsenic compounds, salts of heavy metals) and forming with them non-toxic, water-soluble compounds, restore the functions of the enzyme systems of the body affected by the poison. In diabetic polyneuropathy, it reduces pain, improves the condition of the peripheral nervous system, and normalizes capillary permeability.


- Intoxication: arsenic, mercury, bismuth, chromium, cardiac glycosides.

- Hepatocerebral dystrophy (Wilson-Konovalov disease).

- Diabetic polyneuropathy.

- Chronic alcoholism (as part of complex therapy).

- Delirious psychosis.


- Hypersensitivity to the drug.

- Liver failure.

- Arterial hypertension.

Dosing and Administration 

Intramuscularly, subcutaneously.

When arsenic intoxication - 5-10 ml of the drug (at the rate of 0.005 g / 1 kg), on the first day -3-4 times, on the second day - 2-3 times, the next - 1-2 times.

In case of poisoning with mercury compounds - in the same pattern for 6-7 days. The treatment is carried out until the disappearance of signs of intoxication.

When digitalis intoxication, in the first 2 days, 5-10 ml of a 5% aqueous solution is injected 3-4 times a day, then 1-2 times a day until the cardiotoxic effect ceases.

When hepatocerebral dystrophy - in / m 5-10 ml of 5% solution daily or every other day, a course of treatment is 25-30 injections, If necessary, repeat after 3-4 months.

In chronic alcoholism, 3-5 ml is prescribed 2-3 times a week.

For the relief of delirium - once 4-5 ml of solution.

Side Effects

Nausea, dizziness, tachycardia, pallor of the skin, allergic reactions are possible.

Drug Interactions

The simultaneous use of unithiol with drugs that include heavy metals and alkalis is not recommended, as the unithiol is rapidly decomposed.


In recommended doses and according to the indications of overdose does not occur.